Hot Tub Rules of Use

  • Always shower before using the hot tub to remove all lotions and other oil-based body products.
  • Children should not use the hot tub without adult supervision.
  • When opening the hot tub cover, be sure to unfasten all safety straps first before lifting the cover off.
  • Guests with infectious diseases should not use the hot tub.
  • To avoid injury, exercise care when entering or exiting the hot tub.
  • Do not use drugs or alcohol before or during the use of the hot tub to avoid the effects of hyperthermia, unconsciousness and possible drowning.
  • Pregnant or possibly pregnant women should consult a physician before using the hot tub.
  • Water temperature in excess of 104*F may be injurious to your health. The optimal temperature of 94*F is already pre-set for your enjoyment.
  • Prolonged immersion in the hot tub may be injurious to your health. It is best to not soak longer than for 30 minute sessions.
  • Never stand or sit on the hot tub cover.
  • Always cover the hot tub after each use and secure the straps to ensure the safety of children that are visiting.
  • For more detailed rules of operation, please reference the “Diamond Lake Cabins” resort binder located inside the cabin.

Thank you for respecting these rules of use while enjoying the hot tub.